Seven Hills Skydivers

Jump from 10,000 feet attached to your instructor with a parachute built for two! Go along for the ride of your life! Tandem skydiving has made it easy to enjoy the exciting sport of skydiving with a fantastic introduction to the world of freefall. You will be harnessed to the front of a fully licensed, professional and friendly tandem instructor. Your instructor is in charge every step of the way, from aircraft exit, to freefall, (for about 30 seconds at 120 MPH!), to a scenic canopy ride (about 6-8 minutes), to a comfortable, accurate landing.

Classes are held most weekends, late-April through October. For more fun, you can purchase a video of your entire amazing jump taken by one of our aerial photographers - which includes pre- and post-jump interviews, the climb to altitude, and of course the exit and freefall and landing. This will all be recorded in HD so that you can remember your jump for years to come. About an hour of training. Train and jump on the same day. Appointment necessary.



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