Seven Hills Skydivers of Madison, WI

Resources for continuing IAD students 📚

Below are some useful resources for students working to obtain their A-license.

Online Skydive Information Manual (SIM)

The SIM is available online in PDF format here.

Current weather information 🌤


If you are a student, you are not current if your last jump was before .

If you're not current, don't worry! Just contact us and you will be back in the air before you know it. 😁

Category jump videos

Here are the official USPA jump videos for students. Category F and higher are the most relevant to Seven Hills. (Below category F are for AFF students, not IAD.)

Facebook Group

We recommend that you join our Facebook Group, "Friends of Seven Hills Skydivers". Here you can see the latest updates like when we're starting jump operations, if we're not jumping for the day, special events, and many, many pictures of skydiving!

You can also use this Facebook group to connect with other skydivers at Seven Hills.