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Solo (IAD) Skydive rates to get your "A" license

One of the benefits of the IAD instructional method for obtaining an "A" license is how cost effective it is, especially as you're first starting out. Because your first six jumps are done at a lower altitude, the plane consumes less fuel and runs for shorter times which allows us to pass the savings on to you. This allows you to get a feel for the sport without spending a lot of money compared to other methods.

The IAD training method is a unique, special, proven and very effective method that's not taught at many dropzones. It's an excellent way to get your "A" license and begin your skydiving career! To learn more about becoming a licensed skydiver, click here.

Package rates

If you're sure you want to get your "A" license, we offer packages to save significantly compared to our pay-as-you-go rates.

Click here to learn more about our package rates.

Example pay-as-you-go rates

Below is a sample of our rates for the minimum amount of jumps required to get your "A" license. Please remember that these rates apply if you purchase each jump separately. We offer packages for a lower per-jump cost.

Jump numberJump summaryRate
Jump 1IAD Deployment #1 (4,000 feet) Your very first jump! Plan on spending most of the day learning.$169
Jump 2IAD Deployment #2 (4,000 feet) Working on improving body position and climbout of your first jump.$75
Jump 3Practice pilot chute throw #1 (4,000 feet) Build muscle memory for deploying your parachute. Three good ones in a row needed to proceed to clear and pull.$75
Jump 4Practice pilot chute throw #2 (4,000 feet)$75
Jump 5Practice pilot chute throw #3 (4,000 feet)$75
Jump 6Clear and Pull (4,500 feet) Deploy your own parachute! Must by done within 24 hours of PPCT #3.$75
Jump 710 second delay #1 (5,500 feet)$100
Jump 810 second delay #2 (5,500 feet)$100
Jump 915 second delay #1 (6,500 feet)$100
Jump 1015 second delay #2 (6,500 feet)$100
Jump 1130 second delay #1 (8,000 feet)$100
Jump 1230 second delay #2 (8,000 feet)$100
Jump 13Full altitude jump #1 (10,000 feet)$100
Jump 14Full altitude jump #2 (10,000 feet)$100
Jump 15Full altitude jump #3 (10,000 feet)$100
Jump 16Full altitude jump #4 (10,000 feet)$100
Jump 17Full altitude jump #5 (10,000 feet)$100
Jump 18Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #1$100
Jump 19Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #2$100
Jump 20Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #3$100
Jump 21Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #4$100
Jump 22Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #5$100
Jump 23Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #6$100
Jump 24Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #7$100
Jump 25Practice/makeup high jump (10,000 feet) #8$100

Please note that the above rates apply if you buy each jump separately (which would end up totalling $2,448). However, you can save significantly by purchasing a package.

Note: The above table is an example of estimated costs to get your "A" license. Various factors, such as long breaks in training, can require repeat jumps.