Seven Hills Skydivers of Madison, WI

Skydiving close to Milwaukee

We're going to be honest. There are other dropzones closer to Milwaukee. Seven Hills is just over an hour long drive from downtown. Why would you want to go with Seven Hills? Well... Seven Hills offers a smaller dropzone atmosphere that's less busy and less intimidating. Seven Hills has a beautiful grass runway closely surrounded by corn and bean fields away from any busy highway. We urge you to not just skydive, but to come out and socialize, enjoy the outdoors, and watch the jumpers.

Our instructors are extremely qualified, including some with thousands of jumps holding world records. All instructors are volunteers in it because they're passionate about the sport. We have an excellent safety culture, and our safety record is second to none. Seven Hills is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer owned and operated dropzone in business for over 55 years. Click here to learn more about us.

For our tandem skydives, our instructors take as much time as needed to make sure that you're comfortable, confident and ready to experience this unique, breathtaking sport.

If you want to do a solo skydive, our program teaches a unique and special method called Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD). It's an excellent, safe, and proven method to begin your skydiving career that's also very cost effective relative to other methods.

If you're ready to continue (or just want to chat on the phone), click here to book your skydive. Please feel free to browse the rest of the site to learn more about us.

Instructor Shawn doing a tandem skydive

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